Bridging Esports
with Web3

TriDeFi is the new backbone of the global Esports community
Play, Earn, Invest, and acquire wealth, all the while doing what you love

Opportunity of
Esports within DeFi

Bringing standardization of Esports in which tournaments operate, brands easily engage and gamers earn.


We are solving the manual fragmented process of hosting tournaments by transforming it into a cohesive and integrated approach easily used by esports enthusiasts and organizers.


Gamers invest tons of their personal time playing their loved games but do not even get a small fraction of the financial rewards. Whereas, TriDeFi will incentivize gamers to be able to invest their time or assets, whether purchased or earned, into our wealth creation and management vehicle.


Challenging for brands to market to and measure success. By leveraging TriDeFi proprietary analytic suite brands will be able to see detailed analytics about gamers engagement with their brand and its digital goods.

The Web3 suite for Esports

The TriDeFi platform will serve as a gateway for esports aficionados and video gamers all over the world to invest their cryptocurrencies, whether purchased or earned, into our wealth creation and management vehicle.

Esports platform

Our online Esports platform allows companies from many industries and Esports entities to host active and passive events for a fee of $TRID tokens. Tournament hosting is a fully automated process. Organizers just need to choose their desired options and criteria (entry fees, prize pool size, etc.) and launch it with one tap of a button.


The custodial blockchain wallet will be a core of the TriDeFi ecosystem. It will operate as a financial well-being one-stop shop for Esport and DeFi enthusiasts. All financial activities including tournament entry fees, sponsorships, NFTs, yield farming, organizers collaterals, and other operations will be managed in the proprietary TriDeFi wallet.

Wealth Management

TriDeFi will offer an opportunity for the community to lock their funds into a wealth management vault that can give reasonable APY returns regardless of the state of the crypto market. We are trying to avoid friction so the wealth management process will have an option to be automated.

TriDeFi Token Utilities


Event organizers can lock $TRID to receive additional funding for launching profitable tournaments.


NFTS will come into the TriDeFi ecosystem through collections and tournament loot boxes, which will provide higher yields in wealth management vaults and more perks.


Locking $TRID will provide access to a variety of features such as credit cards, access to premium clans, and higher yields for other coins.


Participate in tournaments and earn APY on passive investments.


Sponsorships with $TRID tokens will receive marketing benefits and detailed analytics on gamers’ engagement with their brand.



  1. Concept ideation

    • TriDeFi idea formation
    • Team formation (Founders, Seed investors, Development)
    • Finalize MVP requirements
    • Establish tokenomics and coin offering
    • Whitepaper development and publication
  2. Foundation Development

    • Platform Development (APP, Token, Wallet)
    • Build technical infrastructure and architecture model
    • Solidify partnerships for the Play-Earn-Invest model
  3. Automate

    • Automate key game tournaments (CS:GO, COD)
    • Roll-Out and deploy a platform for production use
    • Execute coin offerings
  4. Scale & Grow

    • Learn, build, measure services and mature through iteration
    • Strengthen strategic partnerships
    • Establish utility stable-coin for US expansion
  5. Diversify

    • Expand game tournaments and types
    • Play-to-Earn – offer mobile app-based video game
    • Earn-to-Invest – offer competitive MMO RPG featuring NFT market
    • Appeal to spectators and audience
  6. Optimize

    • Streamline tournament game operations
    • Merchandising
    • Affiliate Marketing

Founding team

Cliff Chambliss

Founder and CEO

Jacob Trieu


Kiril Timashev



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